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Venus - Tannhaüser - Reviews

Opera Magazine - Rhian Evans (Aug 2016)

"As Venus, Alison Kettlewell - dressed in swathes of pink and swaying seductively on her swing - sang with elegantly contoured phrasing and rich tone"

The Telegraph - Rupert Christiansen

"The sultry blonde charms of Alison Kettlewell's Venus and the purity of Erika Madl Jones' Elizabeth vied for his affections - both of them projected testing music with admirable security"

Bachtrack - Peter Reynolds

"the dark intensity of Venus's opening phrases were one of the highlights of the performance"

Seen and Heard International - Jim Pritchard

"Alison Kettlewell is a vibrantly rich Venus whose mezzo sound resonated throughout the small auditorium"

Classical Source - Peter Reynolds

"Privett's direction of Venus.. expanded magnificently in Alison Kettlewell's voluptuous singing, and her increasing desperation over the waning of Tannhauser's affections easily distracted you from the scene's longueurs."

The Arts Desk - Stephen Walsh

"Privett's Venus, Alison Kettlewell, slips into the reading with precision, moving well, with just a flicker of vulgarity, and singing with fine, warm tone and admirable flexibility of expression."

Music OMH - Sam Smith

"Alison Kettlewell is a commanding Venus, displaying an extremely sumptuous mezzo soprano.. Kettlewell's acting is convincing as she reveals amused bemusement when Tannhaüser begins to express his doubts, but becomes increasing desperate thereafter."

Behind the Arras - Roderic Dunnett

"Alison Kettlewell sang Venus, an entrapping Circe figure, in a fetching costume but with an even more fetching voice.  Her launch in low register, was absolutely searing: a thrilling sound which made one's nerves tingle.  Her efforts to retain Tannhaüser within her power produced a moving riposte."

Mark Ronan

"Alison Kettlewell, a warmly toned and hugely stylish Venus"

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