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Waltraute - Götterdämmerung Reviews

"Alison Kettlewell.. really scaled the dramatic heights in her magisterial delivery of Waltraute's narration in Götterdämmerung Act 1 which was for this writer the musical peak of the entire cycle." Ring Cycle  - Wagner Journal (Roger Allen)

"And we were present at the discovery of some new stars.. Alison Kettlewell's Fricka was sensational, but so was her Waltraute." Arts Journal (Wall Street Journal) - Paul Levy

"Alison Kettlewell ensured that Waltraute's visit to Brünnhilde in exile was, as it should be, gripping in its urgency"  - Opera Magazine (Michael Kennedy)

"Waltraute (Alison Kettlewell) with a mane of Bonnie Tyler hair and the glamour of a Hollywood eco-warrier, issued her sisterly warning to Brünnhilde with compelling urgency" - Observer (Fiona Maddocks )

"Alison Kettlewell's Waltraute is a riveting story-teller" The Independent (Jessica Duchen )

"Alison Kettlewell was an intense Waltraute in an impassioned scene in Act 1 with her sister Valkyrie, Brünnhilde"  - Seen and Heard International ( Jim Pritchard)

"Vocally, there was much to savour throughout the cast while Rachel Nicholl's Brünnhilde was the stand out performance.. it had a close match in Alison Kettlewell's Waltraute." The Oxford Times (Christopher Gray)

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